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Accounting CRESCO Holding
Ms. Maria Ivy Abigaile Gaerlan
Assistant of the management
Tel: +971 4 406 9600
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Expo 2020
About the Expo 2020 in Dubai and what influence it will have on the development of the city.
Latest news:
Dubai, June 2017

Mr. Cesar Igarta was appointed as the new Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) of CRESCO. Mr. Igarta will help to optimise the use of the knowledge available within the organisation and is responsible for managing the intellectual capital within CRESCO.

His task, among others, will be to maximise the effectiveness of knowledge sharing among the different companies and offices of the group.
Dubai, May 2017

Mr. Kent Tupas joined CRESCO as the new Chief Design Officer (CDO). Mr. Tupas has a solid background as graphic designer and designer of user interfaces for software. He is a studied IT specialist with focus on web applications and mobile apps.

Mr. Kent will be in charge of graphic design, user experience design, video communication and package design of the CRESCO companies.
Dubai, April 2017

CRESCO Accounting started its set-up in Cebu, Philippines: Mr. Leonell Ang Tan started operations out of this city in Visayas, the central group of the Philippine islands.

He is the first of a group of accountants that will work out of Cebu, providing a strong back-office for the accounting operations of CRESCO Accounting.
Dubai, April 2017

CRESCO Legal opens office in the USA. The company has its principal office at Madison Avenue, New York.

The expansion to the USA is inline with the drive of CRESCO Legal to establish a strong international brand with representation in the main markets but with a focus on Asia.

The office in the USA closes a gap, where CRESCO Legal now covers Latin America through its office in Costa Rica and North America through its operation in the USA.
Dubai, March 2017

CRESCO Legal has now an office in Costa Rica: Mr. Adrian Obando and Mr. Alex Thompson with their team of lawyers joined the growing international network of CRESCO Legal.

The office in Costa Rica will cover the market in Latin America and adds a lot of expertise to CRESCO Legal, for example in Estate Planning, International Tax law and Commercial law.
Dubai, November 2016

Mr. Naveen Indrakanti, CEO of CRESCO Control and Chief Compliance Officer of CRESCO Holding was accepted as member of STEP, an association of lawyers, accountants and trustees with the mission to help families plan their assets across generations.

Mr. Naveen Indrakanti joins Mr. Michael Waechter, who is already a member of STEP Arabia, in the regional branch of the international organisation.
Dubai, November 2016

Al Malek Trading FZE is now a registered and certified Qualified Accredited Service Provider with the International Trade Council (ITC) and was added to the Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) of ITC.

This certification helps Al Malek to act as a trusted trading partner of clients from around the world.

The trading company is part of the CRESCO Holding and has strong operations within the UAE through it’s partner company Bin Ghasson.
Dubai, August 2016

CRESCO Legal expands its reach and opens a new subsidiary in Luzern, Switzerland. The new location allows the team of CRESCO Legal to be closer to the customers from Europe and to offer them an easier access to the services of the legal consulting company with head quarter in the UAE.

This new location has to be seen as part of an initiative that will provide CRESCO Legal with a strong international present, mainly in Asia.
Dubai, July 2016

Mr. Ramazan Galyamov was appointed as the new managing director of Hensley&Cook Management Services DMCC.

Mr. Galyamov studied at Sharjah (UAE), joined CRESCO in 2013 and worked in Corporate Service for the last years. His experience in estate planning and corporate structuring made him a perfect fit for the demanding job as Managing Director of Hensley&Cook, the corporate service company of CRESCO Holding.
Dubai, July 2016

Ms. Constanza Fernandez-Reyes was appointed as the new Head of Marketing and Social Media of CRESCO Holding.

Ms. Fernandez-Reyes holds a diploma in Social Media and is a consultant with Sadiqa FZE, the business consulting and expansion consulting company of CRESCO. She will lead a team that takes care of the communication on social media channels and coordinates the marketing activities within CRESCO.
Dubai, April 2016

Mr. Naveen Kumar Indrakanti was appointed as the new managing director of CRESCO Control FZC.

Mr. Indrakanti is an experienced lawyer registered with the bar association of Hyderabad. He successfully managed legal teams in numerous litigations and commercial transactions, an experience, that builds the base for his new task at CRESCO.

In addition to his new role as Managing Director, Mr. Indrakanti stays Chief Compliance Officer of CRESCO.
Dubai, January 2016

CRESCO Holding publishes the financial result of 2015. The document is available for investors to download in the investor section of the website.

2015 was a successful year for CRESCO Holding: Turnover and profit could be increased according to plan and some of the major changes in 2015 were mastered successfully, among them the transfer of clients from the old Hensley&Cook in Ras Al Khaimah to the new Hensley&Cook in Dubai, the bundling of IT activities within the holding in CRESCOtec or the launch of the cooperation between Al Malek and Bin Ghasson.
Dubai, January 2016

In January, the sanctions against Iran got lifted and (with some limitations) companies are now free to do business with Iran and to explore business opportunities in Iran.

This development finds Sadiqa, the expansion consulting company of CRESCO Holding, well prepared to help clients exploring opportunities in Iran. The workshops held in February 2016 already include information and approaches to expand into this promising market.
Dubai, December 2015

Mr. Harish Sukumaran Vitaya becomes the new Managing Director of CRESCO Software Technology FZE (CRESCOtec).

CRESCOtec was developed out of the IT division of CRESCO and is a software house specialised in commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), interface programming and bespoke software solutions.
Dubai, November 2015

CRESCO Legal Consultancy became a registered practitioner at the DIFC Courts, the courts of the Dubai International Financial Center.
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The english speaking DIFC Courts have jurisdiction over civil and commercial matters only. The DIFC Courts have the power, in matters over which it has jurisdiction, to make any orders, including interlocutory orders and to issue or direct the issue of any writs it considers appropriate.
The Wills and Probate Registry, a public entity of the Dubai government, is an ancillary body of DIFC’s Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA). This entity allows to register wills that can be enforced in Dubai.
Dubai, September 2015

The Fraser Institute published its latest annual report about "Economic Freedom of the World". The United Arab Emirates is ranked 5th on this list.

The Fraser Institute writes: "Hong Kong and Singapore, once again, occupy the top two positions. The other nations in the top 10 are New Zealand, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Jordan, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The rankings of some other major countries are the United States (16th), Japan (26th), Germany (29th), South Korea (39th), Italy (68th), France (70th), Mexico (93st), Russia (99th), China (111th), India (114th), and Brazil (118th)."
Dubai, August 2015

Mr. Naveen Kumar Indrakanti joins CRESCO as its new Head of Compliance. Mr. Indrakanti is a well reputed lawyer from India that worked as Senior Manager of the Legal Department of one of the big Indian real estate developers. CRESCO is happy to welcome Mr. Indrakanti in its growing team of professionals. The employment of Mr. Indrakanti is a further step to strengthen the competencies and expertise when it comes to operate in Asia.

CRESCO thanks the retiring Head of Compliance, Mr. Victor Garcia-Bragado for its great work in strengthening the compliance structures of CRESCO and wishes him all the best in his new appointment.
Dubai, July 2015

CRESCO Holding reports a substantial increase in turnover in the first half of 2015 in comparison to the first six months of last year. The integration of the different companies into the holding structure is well progressed. CRESCO Holding is confident to reach its targets for 2015 in regards to turnover and profit.
Dubai, June 2015

Al Malek General Trading FZ LLC started a cooperation with the local UAE general trading company Bin Ghasson General Trading LLC, a company located in Dubai and registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED). The company was established in 1982 and can list companies like British American Tobacco (BAT), Ratiopharm (Pharmaceuticals) and Mahle (Automotive Components) as references.

The cooperation with Bin Ghasson allows Al Malek to import goods from outside the UAE and to distribute them locally.
Dubai, May 2015

CRESCO Legal Consultancy is now member of EUROJURIS: The network happily welcomed CRESCO Legal as their first member firm in the Middle East. Eurojuris is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations in about 50 countries, not only in Europe but worldwide. Eurojuris International represents about 600 law firms and 6'000 lawyers.

Willem Smith, the CEO of CRESCO Legal Consultancy considers the approval "an important milestone in the further development of CRESCO Legal". It will enable the company to provide legal services to its clients in a wide range of countries.
Dubai, April 2015

Sadiqa FZE successfully launched its new webpage. The company is specialised in Expansion Consulting and has redesigned its website to better promote its services and to provide additional services to its clients through special log-in protected areas.
Dubai, March 2015

Al Malek is now member of the International Trade Council: The International Trade Council serves the international business community by providing leadership on key issues that impact economic growth. The Council facilitates networking, arranges business introductions, and provides training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity.

The membership allows Al Malek to tap into an international trade related network and connect with some of the top trading companies around the world.
Dubai, January 2015

CRESCO Holding publishes the annual report for 2014. The figures reflect the continuous expansion with additions in the UAE, strengthening the positioning of CRESCO in the fields of accounting and legal consultancy. The business consulting and trading activity continue to develop on a high level with moderate growth rate.

The investors shall receive an unchanged dividend payment on the level of 2013.
Dubai, November 2014

CRESCO Legal Consultancy starts a cooperation with Almeida Prado & Hoffmann, a legal firm established in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The cooperation will further strengthen the capabilities of CRESCO Legal to provide support in international legal matters and helps Almeida Prado & Hoffmann to provide services in connection with the UAE.
Dubai, November 2014

CRESCO FZC successfully organised and hosted the IPG event in Dubai. IPG (International Practice Group) is an international association of lawyers, accountants and tax specialists that organises two events per year for its member firms. In November 2015 close to 150 delegates visited Dubai and enjoyed the first conference of the group in the Middle East.
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